Dennis Hopper: In Dreams

Dennis Hopper: In Dreams

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Stamped and signed by Marin Hopper

If you only take photos of one part of your life, do you end up remembering that part more than an other?

Looking at Hopper's photographs from those pivotal years- restless and full of curiosity- it's strange to think of him putting his camera down. Hopper had found his vision and was using photography to experience and define the world around him. He seemed to be the kind of person who "may or may not make a living by photography, but they are alive by it."

After designing and editing two previous books of Hopper's work for Damiani- Drugstore Camera and Colors: The Polaroids- I was invited to create a new edit of images from his 1961-67 archive. The intention has been to construct a series of photographs that would  have the potential to work together as a narrative whole, rather than be viewed as a collection of single images.